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Bullying Stops When Respect Begins Bookmarks
Book Markers (Pack of 200)

Keys' has four different types of book marks targeting students and parents. 

Classroom Crisis Flip-Chart
Classroom Crisis Action Flip-Chart - Pack of 100

Part of the Emergency/Crisis Action Plan response, used to provide each teacher with a small easy reference flip chart of codes and procedures needed in keeping students safe in an emergency/crisis.

Quantity: 100

Group Exercieses for Children/Adolescense
Group Exercieses for Children/Adolescense

This 60 page workbook provides Counselors (or anyone who works to young people) with pre-developed group exercise instructions and activity handouts for the exercises.   

The exercise cover a broad range of topics, like:  Fear, Self-Esteem, Social Skills, and more...

School Violence Readiness Training
School Violence Readiness Training

Three major parts: identification of early warning signs, assessment of troubled students, and principles of developing Crisis Action Plans. 


This manual is best used in conjunction with the consulting and training services which will produce a tailored Crisis Plan