Developing an Alternative Learning Environment (ALE): TtT Edition


Developing an Effective Alternative Learning Environments: Implementing an Academic and Behavioral Multi-Facet Systems Approach

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The purpose of the Guide is to help organizations design an effect program which is three fold, to;

  • provide a Highly Structured instructional environment for those students who are unable to function adequately within the mainstream school settings.  The primary goal of the Alternative Learning Environment (ALE) is to enable and empower students with academic success and
  • provide a Behavioral Component to bring about behavioral skills necessary for success in the mainstream classroom, through the development of study skills, self-control techniques, problem-solving abilities, personal skills and other Pro-Social Skills.
  • provide Highly Skilled Staff that has the knowledge an tools to effectively reach and teach students.  Remember: Systems don't change People - People change People.  Although, give a Highly Skilled and Caring Staff an Effective System and Skills - Then watch them change their world.

System Design 

This Guide will help organizations develop a system that will monitor two important aspects of each student's functioning.

  • The first aspect concerns the Routine Expectations that are required of all students.  Each student is expected to be in class on time with appropriate materials.  Additionally, each student is expected to complete all assigned work.  These expectations are neither more nor less than is required of all other students.
  • The second aspect concerns the Behavioral Expectations that focus upon behavioral issues.  There will be a standard number of behavioral expectations and two to three individualized behavioral expectations for each student.

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Obtain Guide FREE with Training

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